As organizations face significant challenges in scaling and managing their IT infrastructure while effectively reducing costs, it becomes much more cost effective to gain access to best in class tool sets, hardware, software applications, hosting and even niche technology experts through a reliable, trusted and cost-effective outsourced solution. Enter the Montage “Office Anywhere” solution!

AT Montage, we deliver the right resource, at the right time, at the right price…Nobody does it better!

And the better news is, there are:

  • NO contracts
  • NO setup fees
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Immediate setup
  • Month-to-month billing
  • Reduced-price licensing
  • Flexible and scalable environment
  • Dedicated physical server
  • Complete root access and administration
  • Ability to host anything YOU need…applications, email, Website, etc.

The model has proven its usefulness in the public and private sector, large and small companies, multiple business sectors and is poised to become even a more desirable as IT pressures continue to mount and infrastructure becomes more burdensome.

Technology changes rapidly and to keep current requires money, time, human capital, steep learning curves, and in most cases, significant hardware expenses. To combat these challenges, organizations are moving their IT environment move to a hosted platform.

Our Office Anywhere is a “private” 24/7 data center that is exclusive to YOU and with YOU at all times. Whether you are in the office, in your car, or on an airplane, Office Anywhere is “at the ready” from any internet access point. Montage will host your sensitive data with reliable security, constant monitoring, full back up and recovery, as well as complete virus protection.

Let Montage save YOU time, money and headaches with our unique “Office Anywhere” solution.