Montage has been providing viable and successful business solutions to clients large and small, corporate and government, domestic and abroad for over 16 years. Our solutions have a core objective: We make the complex…simple! You need solutions that are practical, easily executable, cost effective and, most importantly, tailored to your unique culture and competitive market.


We deliver results through a unique approach that includes:

  • Full transparency on project status – you can see the progress
  • Industry Unique “Satisfaction-based Pricing Model” – you don’t pay until we deliver!
  • Technology-agnostic approach – we tailor solutions to your specific environment
  • Full transparency on project status – you can see the progress,
  • Industry Unique “Satisfaction-based Pricing Model” – you don’t pay until we deliver!

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Legacy Transformation

You can’t change your legacy systems overnight and, in fact, you must find a way to leverage your technology, preserve your workflows and scale your technical capabilities. Montage has a solution!

Legacy systems are often critical in the operations of most enterprises, deploying the modernized system all at once introduces an unacceptable level of operational risk. Thus, legacy systems are typically modernized incrementally. Eventually, the system is completely modernized through a phased approach. A migration strategy must ensure that the system remains fully functional during the modernization effort.

Montage will evaluate your current state and present a step-by-step, phased road-map to legacy transformation that maximizes business value, while minimizing cost, disruption, and risk. Transformation strategies, organizing disciplines, techniques, and tools reduce the risks of deploying the component-based architectures you need to stay competitive while maximizing the business value of core systems that work. Nobody does it better than Montage!

Software Development

Our highly-collaborative approach to custom application development emphasize local, hands-on interaction whereas you are assigned a professional Project Manager who will visit your organization, take the time to learn your environment, and talk to your end-users. This level of customer service is the foundation of our custom application development services.

We examine the best fit solution to lower your cost of ownership while offering scalability to accommodate growth and facilitate emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, RIA, Service Oriented Architecture and Mobile applications that are opening new options for custom application development.

We apply best practices from Agile Software Development to quickly adapt to changes in project requirements and scope. Our custom application development process employs iterative releases with full development life cycle requirements analysis, planning, testing and acceptance testing prior to production release. This approach results in reduced cost of development and ownership over the custom application development life cycle. Nobody does it better than Montage!

Mobile Applications

No IT strategy is complete without a plan to accommodate your end-user access through mobile devices. Information needs to be accessed anytime, anywhere and through any device. Today, there are many excellent mobile applications available which makes the use of mobile devices more engaging and efficient.

Montage can help! From concept to development to deployment, we can enhance your business’s mobile application strategy for handheld device users on any platform of your choice. Our design and development services include unique, tiered offerings that suit a wide range of customer needs and budgets. These services provide single vendor engagement that is both convenient and cost effective.

We produce insightful mobile strategies, come up with creative mobile ideas, design beautiful mobile experiences and build top-end sites and applications. For us, mobile application development is more than conceiving and creating beautiful objects of mobile desire. It’s about putting the customer first and designing for their needs rather than designing for show. Nobody does it better than Montage!

Intranets & Extranets

Often, an organization’s most important presence is not its public web site, but the secure, internal interfaces reserved for employees and business partners. Montage excels at building web-based tools and applications for secure interaction with employees, distributors, sales agents, customers or group that can benefit from a dedicated, personalized site. A key requirement in today’s business environment is the ability to communicate more effectively, both internally with your employees and externally with your trading partners and customers.

Montage has a solution! An intranet is a private – internal – business network that enables your employees to share information, collaborate, and improve communications. In parallel, an extranet enables your business to communicate and collaborate more effectively with selected business partners, suppliers and customers. An extranet can play an important role in enhancing business relationships and improving supply chain management.

We have expert professionals around web-design, RIA, usability Engineering, Adobe Product Suite and various content management systems and can help you to leverage the potential of various CMS systems for your in-house as well as online web presence needs. Nobody does it better than Montage!


The Internet & prevalence of mobile devices has created a new breed of online shoppers & consumers and a new economic ecosystem…the eCommerce marketplace, has become the virtual main street of the world.

Montage has a solution to help maximize your eCommerce strategy! Your consumers are increasingly using these digital channels for searching & researching about your products before they make purchases. Retailers are taking notice for this highly mobile, high spending & demanding consumer segment and are building ways to reach consumers over the Internet & mobile.

An effective, easy to manage and affordable platform for using the Internet & mobile as customer reaching, customer acquisition & sales channels is critical for retailers in today’s market. While we offer design, development, support, hosting and mentoring of your website, we will also integrate this into the critical back office processes, creating a seamless transactional and customer service environment. Nobody does it better than Montage!

Software Integration

Integrating disparate systems and applications is the “Holy Grail” of business process automation. Montage has a long history of success breaking down boundaries between these islands of information so they can give employees, partners, and customers a single, holistic, and interactive view of customer information.

Our experienced industry experts provide a highly skilled alternative to procuring these services from the large and unfriendly, enterprise software application integration firm, such as Microsoft, IBM, or HP. Because of our Hybrid Global Delivery Model, our clients can leverage the expertise of our Onsite Consultants as well as our offshore resources to leverage the cost/skill benefits.

This reiterates the trust to our Clients that all our business engagements and services are affordable and highly specialized as well as tailored to your environment. We leverage our extensive knowledge of ERP products, our valuable consulting experience, our expert project management capability and a processes-centric delivery methodology to achieve tangible business benefits for our customers. Nobody does it better than Montage!